What is the board?

As a non-profit corporation, part of the governance structure consists of a board. The board is responsible for approving and curating the bylaws of the organization.

The board collaborates with the executive, which has the primary responsibility for the ongoing activities of the group.

Who is on the board?

The current board was elected at the December 5th, 2017 planning meeting and includes:

Maya Dhanjal


Maya Menezes (Chair of Board)

Maya is the Director of Development at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, a core organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto, a Ganz Model community organizing facilitator at the Institute for Change Leaders- Ryerson University and serves on the board of Toronto 350. At T.E.A, Maya works to create innovative forms of donor engagement, fundraising solutions and community mobilization tactics. Prior to working at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Maya spent eight years developing fundraising strategy, digital campaigns creation and phone fundraising campaigns at Public Outreach Consultancy. Maya rejects the concept of borders and believes collective liberation in Canada begins with Indigenous Solidarity and the movement for Black Lives. She works everyday to fight all forms of systemic oppression grounded in white supremacy. Maya is an alum of the University of Toronto where she studied race, gender and class social equity, environmental science and food sovereignty.

Liza Paul (Treasurer)

I believe that that entrepreneurial leaders have an obligation to lead on sustainability and social impact. I bring my innate curiosity to learn and develop new perspectives, subject training as an engineer and attention to detail to support leadership in the financial life of the group while managing the required financial needs. There is nothing more powerful than collective consciousness and action.

Kyla Wiscombe 

Kyla holds a BA in Canadian and Political Studies and is an administrator at the University of Toronto. She has volunteered with both Greenpeace and Toronto350 and is driven by a passion for climate and social justice. 

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