Ontario’s Future – Nuclear or Renewable?

We phased out coal. But now Ontario is moving forward with rebuilding 10 nuclear reactors (4 at Darlington and 6 at Bruce), locking us into nuclear for another 4 decades, endangering our Great Lakes and putting us all into deep debt. 

Fortunately, there are lower cost and lower emission options to meet all our electricity needs in ON. What are the climate implications of nuclear vs. renewables? What are the dangers of nuclear power? What are other countries doing? Free, all welcome.


- Dr. Ian Fairlie, expert on radioactivity in the environment, from the UK, www.ianfairlie.org/(link is external)
- Jack Gibbons, economist and Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, www.cleanairalliance.org(link is external)
- Moderated by Angela Bischoff, Greenspiration and OCAA

Will you come?

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