Can the Liberals have their NEB Modernization and Pipelines Too?

Hurry!  Friday, March 31, 2017 is the last day to submit comments to the NEB modernization panel.  You can do so online here.  See below for some suggestions for comments.     On an icy evening in  early February I made my way to a hotel conference room in Mississauga to deliver my two cents to the panel appointed to “modernize” the National Energy Board, the body that assesses federal energy infrastructure such as pipelines. Continue reading

February 15th Edition

The beginning of the mysterious, indecipherable Voynich Document-similar to TransCanada's Energy East application?  Continue reading

Pipelines this week--Feb 2 Edition

February is the month of love. In light of that, perhaps it is best to think of pipelines as being like STDs. They’re out there. You can get them. But in the end it’s best to do everything you can to keep them away. So let’s keep the love for our world strong by keeping the pipelines away (and the STDs too). Continue reading

Pipelines This Week January 25th Edition

  This was a huge week for pipelines news. We begin on the west coast of Canada with the Kinder Morgan hearings….                             Continue reading