Climate activists disrupt Mulcair’s book launch to discuss Energy East pipeline

Toronto, Ontario – This morning, activists interrupted NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s book launch at Daniels Spectrum building. Mulcair was made to say publicly “of course we will” [oppose Energy East] if it was found incompatible with national action on climate change. members held signs that said “Do Better than Trudeau,” “Energy East contradicts with Climate Change Accountability Act,” “Be Honest about Climate Science: Oppose Energy East”. We delivered the Pembina Institute study that found Energy East will facilitate a 30+% expansion of tar sands extraction to Mulcair when he was signing books.

The Energy East pipeline would transport 1.1 million barrels of tar sands oil a day to ports and refineries on  the east coast. It would significantly expand the tar sands and is incompatible with Mulcair’s proposed Climate Change Accountability Act. It would continue our oil dependence.

“The Energy East pipeline is going to be a disaster for our climate, a disaster for Canada and we are looking at the NDP to show leadership on climate”, said Suhail Barot, operations coordinator with


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