Thanks for wanting to apply to the National Energy Board (NEB) as an intervenor to speak up about our climate. Since the NEB is purposefully ignoring climate issues it's critical that we get thousands of people to apply based on climate considerations. The regulatory system in Canada was undermined by Harper and his Big Oily friends, to the point that it's no longer a legitimate process. We couldn't let that stand: it's time for an intervention!

The Energy bEast is bad for Canada!There are four things that you can do today to help stop the Energy East mega-pipeline, and to put climate change onto the national agenda. It will only take you about 15-30 minutes in total to complete all 4 action items, so stick with it. If you complete all four we'll enter you into a prize draw for a $50 Mountain Equipment Co-op gift card!

To get you started, please take a moment to sign a petition to the Ontario Energy Board that Environmental Defence is running.

Done it? Sweet! See, you've already completed one of the four tasks! The third and fourth will also take just a moment. But before we get to them, let's do the big one!

We've put together a 15-step guide to take you through the process of applying to the NEB. Once you get to step 12, check back here, as you'll want to copy-paste the text you write there into the third task too! Ready? Here's the NEB application guide: go for it!

You're back? Did it go OK? We hope so. The NEB is all about stopping democratic input into their pipeline rubber-stamping, but hopefully the guide was clear enough to get you through. Just two more things to do...

The third task is another wonderful action put together by Environmental Defence, again to the Ontario Energy Board. This time it's sending a letter to Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario. I hope you copied the text from step 12 into your clipboard? Now's the time to use it. Go to the Letter Writing page here, and paste your text into the box on that page, adjusting it if you wish (if you didn't copy your NEB application text to clipboard, don't worry about it, they've pre-written text for you).

Nicely done! Three down, and the last one is easy: Just add your information below and submit the form and you'll be entered into the prize draw!

Congratulations! You're well on the way to stopping Energy East from ever being built, shutting down the tar sands, and changing the course of Canada's future. Easy eh?

One last thing: Post this page on Facebook and nominate a friend to fill it out too! Take part in the NEB "oil-bucket challenge"!!!

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Have you completed the four tasks? If so, let us know: