Municipal Budget 2023 - Deputation Time!

It’s time to make your voice heard as Toronto City Council finalizes the 2023 Budget! The Budget Committee is accepting written deputations until Tuesday, January 24th at 4:30pm. Written submissions can be submitted to the City Clerk by emailing [email protected]

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Finale: At COP 27, The World Called Out for Climate Justice

Part Four: Pipelines, False Solutions, Indigenous Rights

(Finale to the story about the November 12th COP 27 Global Climate Justice rally in Toronto.)

Next the marchers stopped at the offices of CDEV, the crown corporation that bought the sinking Titanic of a pipeline, TMX. In fact, in a report from Climate Change Performance Index that came out during COP, Canada ranked #58 lowest of 63. One of the main reasons cited is the high level of oil and gas production. All the while Canada poses as a climate leader! 

A just transition does not include continued Indigenous rights violations and false solutions like blue hydrogen (fossil fuel production with methane and massive storage of carbon). It means reducing emissions now, directly, and putting those investment dollars into renewables and public programs that protect communities as we transition.

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Part 3: At COP 27 The World Called out for Climate Justice

Part 3: Fossil Fuels, Just Transition

(The story of the November 12th COP 27 Global Day of Climate Justice action in Toronto continued.)

Marching on, with supportive honks from passing traffic propelling us, we came to a stop at Avenue and Bloor. As How-Sen, the narrator of the event livestream put it, “we’re actually going east and west across Bloor Street, stopping at various symbolic places, linking issues that have historically been thought of as separate…and bringing together people from multiple communities….building up this diverse community, building up power.”

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Part 1 and 2: At COP 27, The World Called Out for Climate Justice

Part One: Introduction, Impacts & Fair Shares

On Saturday November 12th, a few of us gathered early at Matt Cohen Park, Spadina and Bloor, on Dish with one Spoon and Treaty 13 territory, to prepare for the "At COP 27: The
World Calls out for Climate Justice” event. Folks worked on setting up a live video feed, unfurled and admired the beautiful hand painted banner, wheeled in the sound system, handed out megaphones and checked in with presenters. One by one and in small groups, others arrived until we had a sizable crowd and the first speaker breezed in, right on cue! 

At the same time, on the ground in Egypt at COP 27, where governments from across the world met to decide what steps to take in response to our disintegrating climate, severe human rights violations made it dangerous for civil society to monitor and protest the actions of a corrupt government.

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Status for All Letter of Support

In October, TO350 wrote a letter to Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Hon. Sean Fraser, in support of Migrant Rights Network's demands - permanent residence status for all. 

Subsequently, there were #Status for All! Without Delay actions at MP's offices.

You can keep up-to-date and find out how to support ongoing at

See the letter below.


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A Poem and Visual Documentary on the State of Climate Change Impacts in the World

Time for another poem by a Toronto350 attendee! Surveyor Efik is a member of Africa Climate Action Initiative and has created this video poem, Things Fall Apart.

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Anxiety to Action! Join us for the Global Climate Strike September 23

Youth lead on climate justice. Literally. This summer, Fridays for Future Toronto members (FFFTO) forgo outings with friends, days at the beach and countless other things, to coordinate the adults they’ve called to the organizing table. They are anxious about the climate crisis and determined to do something about it!

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Morning Storm

As the devastating impacts of climate change mount, as we continue our climate justice work and amid the general, cumulative climate anxiety, it's time for another poem. This is the second instalment in T0350's creative series. 

"Morning Storm," a poem by Colleen Lynch, is about some of the feelings connected with our relationship to the environment and our awareness of environmental crisis.

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What's Next - Action Opportunity

It is post-election here in Ontario and this is not where we wanted to be! If we work together though, we can continue to push for policies and actions that truly support healthy, just and climate-safer communities. 

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National Indigenous Peoples Day and National Indigenous Peoples History Month

National Indigenous Peoples Day falls on the summer solstice, a time when many Indigenous peoples and communities have customarily celebrated their culture and heritage. This is a day for everyone to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultures, heritage and contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. 


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