Divest the OTPP

The project to divest the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) is part of "Divest All The Things" campaign. This takes divestment of fossil fuels beyond universities to include wider public interests wherever they exist in the Greater Toronto Area. We want to be a source of information, networking and suggestions that engage the public through demonstrations, social media, political action, art and ultimately taking personal action.

Currently, the group is working on fossil fuel divestment of the OTPP, one of the largest and most successful money management funds in the world. When they acknowledge the need for divestment, a strong signal will be sent to the rest of the investment sector: the time for divestment is now.

If you want to get in touch and/or volunteer with the OTPP, please email: divestotpp@toronto350.org.

Are you a teacher? Take Action

We also hope to support existing & build new campaigns for banks, individuals, municipalities like the City of Toronto and others.

Join this campaign to bring people together to make divestment a more effective movement and to ensure fossil fuels are left in the ground everywhere.


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