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UofT ALUMNIs NEEDED: Make UofT the first Canadian University to Divest from Climate Change


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UofT could lead action on climate change by divesting from the biggest fossil fuel companies.

A UofT Committee recently recommended that UofT should divest from fossil fuel companies whose business plans would warm the planet by more than the 1.5C scientists tell us is safe.

We need you to pressure UofT and share this action with at least 2 or more alumni you know.

The fossil fuel divestment campaign has set up a webpage telling you how to contact the alumni association. We need you to continue sharing this action with as many UofT alumni as you know.

The best way to pressure UofT is to make the alumni association hear from as many alumni as possible demanding fossil fuel divestment. They have direct communication with the President and we need them to use their power to make UofT lead.

Thank you 

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