The DMP was Toronto350.org's *OFFICIAL LAUNCH PARTY* for the campaign for fossil fuel divestment at U of T that took place on 27th Feb 2014. Over a hundred people attended who wished to be a part of the growing movement to SOLVE THE CLIMATE CRISIS!!!

Currently (Feb 2014), the University of Toronto has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in an industry that is becoming more socially, environmentally and financially unsustainable with each passing day.

With atmospheric CO2 levels ALREADY 15% ABOVE what the United Nations has declared safe - and fossil fuel companies containing 5 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF FOSSIL FUEL RESERVES THAN CAN BE SAFELY BURNED - the time to start reducing our reliance on carbon-based energy is NOW.

Toronto350.org, along with nearly 1800 members of the U of T community (as of the night of the party), including dozens of student organizations, professors, students, staff and alumni, is getting ready to present its case to the U of T administration - and we need YOUR SUPPORT!

The DMP featured delicious food and drinks, live music and the opportunity for people to design their own meme art along the theme of CLIMATE ACTION.

It was an opportunity for people to learn more about fossil fuel divestment at U of T, meet their campus environmental activists and join the global movement to prevent the catastrophic effects of unmitigated climate change!

The night included music from the following AWESOME local groups:





*Tickets were $5 in advance, $7 at the door, and were available at:
- The OPIRG Office: 563 Spadina Crescent, Mon to Fri: 11-6pm
- Harvest Noon: 16 Bancroft Avenue, Mon to Fri: 10-2pm
- Sidney Smith Hall (Lobby): 100 St. George Street, Tues & Wed: 11-5pm

*Cash bar

Divestment Meme Party--Because divestment is a message that's about to go viral.


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