Who's Who in Toronto350?

Toronto350.org is a grassroots organization supported almost entirely by volunteers. Below are volunteers which have been elected to executive roles and a bit about them. If you are interested in joining our executive, shadowing an executive, or learning more about what they do, we encourage you to come out to one of our Tuesday meetings to learn more.

You can find information about detailed executive position.

The Executive Team



President - Amelia Rose Khan, is responsible for strategic direction and leadership, fundraising, and allyship.

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Pronouns I go by are: They/Them.

Amelia Rose chairs the Executive and Innovation Committee of Toronto350.org as Toronto350's President.  Amelia Rose's passion for climate related work grew by working on solidarity campaigns and visiting the impact zones across Canada where people are living with the affects of climate change.

Amelia Rose's environmental hero are the people of Grassy Narrows who live north of Kenora, Ontario.  They have been passionately fighting the injustices of their land since the 1970s and still fight on.  I have been an ally for almost 15 years and visited their lands.


Fossil Free Campaign Coordinator - Kevin Wallace

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Kevin sits on the Executive Committee as lead of the Fossil Free Campaign.



Divestment Campaign Coordinator - Kristof Barocz

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Kristof sits on the Executive Committee as lead of the Divestment Campaign.  Kristof believes that climate justice is an essential element in the overall fight for a more just, inclusive, and equitable society. Kristof is active within the Labour movement and volunteers with several political organizations.

Kalina.pngCommunications Coordinator - Kalina Hada-Lemon,  oversees communications to supporters.    

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Kalina sits on the Executive Committee as Communications Coordinator.  Kalina has always been passionate about the Earth, and fighting the negative effects of climate change. She could be seen hugging trees before she could walk. She is grateful every single day for all the "regular people" who consistently stand up for the planet and do all they can to make our future a bright one. 

Some of the tasks that Kalina handles include:

  • Maintaining the Toronto350.org social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Managing email blasts to our mailing list
  • Assisting campaigns as needed by promoting events and initiatives online 

Environment_smiley.jpgAdmin Coordinator - Namrata Menon 

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Namrata sits on the Executive Committee of Toronto350.org as the admin coordinator.


Environment_smiley.jpgResearch Coordinator - Hala Zab, helps to develop and share materials relevant to campaigns and operations.

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Environment_smiley.jpgVolunteer Coordinator - Anthony McCanny

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Anthony sits on the Executive Board of Toronto350 as the volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator is responsible for providing meaningful opportunities for volunteers to support the organization's activities.  


Administrative Positions


Environment_smiley.jpgLiza Paul (Treasurer)

The treasurer is responsible for making sure our finances are in order.

I believe that that entrepreneurial leaders have an obligation to lead on sustainability and social impact. I bring my innate curiosity to learn and develop new perspectives, subject training as an engineer and attention to detail to support leadership in the financial life of the group while managing the required financial needs. There is nothing more powerful than collective consciousness and action.