March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

On July 5th, we made history. In a spectacular demonstration of unity, over 10,000 people marched together in Toronto for Jobs, Justice and the Climate. This is the most diverse climate mobilization ever to take place in Canada.


The March brought together frontline Indigenous communities, Canada’s largest unions, students, social justice organizations and grassroots activists. Together, we sent a clear message: the people of Canada are ready for a new economy that works for people and the planet. By standing in solidarity with one another on July 5th, we have demonstrated that future is possible.

We marched as wild fires sweep across Saskatchewan and communities in South Asia recover from a series of devastating heat waves. The extreme climate events taking place this summer have been another solemn reminder that every minute we delay means more catastrophic and irreversible damage to people and the environment.

We are tired of sitting on the sidelines as world leaders repeatedly fail to deliver the action that we need to combat climate change. Politicians have failed to lead us– it’s clear that people are leading the way.

We know that the economy we need puts justice first by prioritizing Indigenous rights. It is one that secures good work, clean jobs and healthy communities– that means fair wages for all including migrants without status. Ultimately, we have the solutions we need to get there and we know very well who is responsible for the climate crisis.

Thank you for taking part in this historic moment.

View pictures and more pictures. There's also pics from the sit-in, art-build and dino-canvass.

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July 05, 2015 at 1pm - 6:30pm
Queen's Park (South of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario)
110 Wellesley St W
Toronto, ON M7A 1A2
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2,741 RSVPS
Ali Hendra Will Fitzpatrick Emily Kingvisser Clutch Gibson Dave Meslin Bela Ray Sandra Emond Keith Stewart Mitchel Raphael Reesa Jesoma Elliott Bayev Miss Julianna Shadiya Aidid Teresita Tajanlangit Maria La Vida Liz Forsberg Abhitha Param Alan Wayne Scott Maya Menezes Suzanne Gallant Stephanie Crocker Damon Crate Kate Blackport Hannah Carriere Catherine Bancroft Arianne Robinson Rachel Valentina Yasmin Rajabi Jill Harrington Renée Martel Renee Ball Andrea Pitts Jason Scarff Jacquie Allan Shawn-Patrick Stensil Marni Binder Christine Lynes Mariana Bolaños Inclán Sandy Williams Stephanie Beattie Steph Hobbs Akshan Bansal Clement Cheng Perla Campos Jackie Fullerton Johanne Bourgeois Meredith Baldwin Thea Lewis

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