What is the connection between fossil fuel divestment and the climate crisis?


Fossil fuel production is the major driver of the climate crisis. The climate crisis is the consequence of how much political power the fossil fuel industry has amassed. As a result, the climate movement is unable to make meaningful change to Canadian political policy under the current Conservative government.

Divestment interrupts formal politics by making people debate and consider how their everyday lives contribute to the climate crisis. It makes people ask what they value, and what this means they should do.

The most environmentally effective actions in recent years centre around frontline communities that stop destructive projects by defending their land. Divestment attacks market confidence in expanding fossil fuel production. This diminishes fossil fuel corporations' ability to fund disastrous projects in frontline communities.

By destroying investor confidence in the fossil fuel industry, the divestment movement aims to ultimately take away their money and power. By organizing the university community, it intends to increase and unleash our power.