Trailblazer Series: Becoming A Socially Inclusive Organization

Volunteer Toronto's Trailblazer Series is a set of leadership talks specifically for people who manage volunteer-run non-profit organizations and groups in Toronto. The talks provide an opportunity for local leaders to hear from peers and experts on how to overcome common challenges faced by organizations with no paid staff and limited resources.

Becoming A Socially Inclusive Organization
While many non-profits aim to be socially inclusive, few are aware that social inclusion is a spectrum of progressiveness that organizations can move up and down along depending on their ways of thinking and policies. Attend this workshop to find out where your organization currently sits on the scale and what practical steps you can take to move towards being more socially inclusive towards people who are part of your team and stakeholders of your mission.

The Facilitator:
A well-read, dynamic, personal and challenging facilitator, Jim Milligan is a certified LifeSkills Coach and an experienced volunteer manager committed to Diversity and Social Inclusion in the not-for-profit sector.

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