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UNsettling Canada 150

"Indigenous Peoples and Canadians who believe in human rights need look at Canada's 150th birthday party as a period to undertake a commitment to decolonize Canada and recognize the rights of Indigenous People to self determination"-Arthur Manuel, Late Secwepemc Organizer, Author of Unsettling Canada endorses Idle No More and Defenders of the Land's project"UNsettling Canada 150"- a call for national actions on July 1st to celebrate Indigenous and human rights to self-determination, lands, territories, and resources.  See below for resources and events.  


Resources and Events

Unsettling Canada 150 website

Unsettling Canada 150 webinar

“Resistance 150,” a five-part series by Shiri Pasternak, an academic, writer and organizer with Defenders of the Land

Event: June 29: How to be an Ally: Reconciling 150 with Indigenous Calls To Action

Event: July 1st: UNsettle Picnic

Event: July 1: Stolen Land: 150+ Years of Occupation, Exploitation and Genocide

Sign up on the Idle No More Unsettling Canada 150 facebook page for updates on Toronto Day of Action

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People's Climate Movement March Video


The future of the Earth and of human civilization now depends greatly on a single number: 350 - the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. If we want to preserve a world similar to the one in which human civilization developed, scientists have concluded that we need to stabilize the level of CO2 below 350 parts per million (ppm). Achieving that objective means moving rapidly away from fossil fuels and toward climate-safe forms of energy that human beings can rely on indefinitely.

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Motivated by the goal of avoiding dangerous climate change, American academic and author Bill McKibben founded in 2007. The group is committed to using creative non-violent means to build a global movement to stop the climate crisis. is the leading organization in the Toronto area pushing for climate safety. We are totally volunteer-driven and growing all the time, so please get in touch about how you can help confront the great challenge of our time.


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