Who's Who in Toronto350?

Toronto350.org is a grassroots organization supported almost entirely by volunteers. Below are volunteers which have been elected to executive roles and a bit about them. If you are interested in joining our executive, shadowing an executive, or learning more about what they do, we encourage you to come out to one of our Tuesday meetings to learn more.

You can find information about our board or detailed executive position.

The Executive Team


President - Tresanne Fernandes, is responsible for strategic direction and leadership, fundraising, and allyship.  

Contact tresanne@toronto350.org

Tresanne Fernandes chairs the Executive and Innovation Committee of Toronto350.org as the organization's President. Tresanne recently graduated from the University of Toronto with double majors in Psychology and Environmental Health. She is concerned about climate change because of its impact on the health and happiness of future generations.

Tresanne's environmental hero is Esteban, head of the Federation of Farmers Working Toward Progress in the Dominican Republic.  She spent two weeks working with him and was so impressed that she considers him to be her environmental hero. Tresanne recently discovered that people can 'picture' things in their imaginations.  She claims to have no mental visualization, just thoughts.

 Environment_smiley.jpgTreasurer - Ellery, takes care of financial responsibilities.  

Contact ellery@toronto350.org

 Ellery sits on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and is a member of the Fundraising Committee. Her dedication to keeping us grounded and on budget is a huge part of what makes us effective and allows us to plan for the long term. Ellery loves to spend her free time break dancing and telepathically communicating with her parrot.  



Volunteer Coordinator - Katie Krelove, oversees group dynamics, training, and new members.

Contact katie@toronto350.org

Katie sits on the Executive Committee as Volunteer Coordinator, chairing the Volunteer Committee. Katie is currently working on a Masters of Education at OISE and works as an outdoor environmental educator at Toronto's High Park.  

Katie's environmental heroes are Vanessa and Lindsay Gray, sisters and Aamjiwnaang band members (also known as Sarnia's chemical valley) who are youth organizers educating about environmental injustice for Indigenous people.  They co-founded ASAP (Aamjiwnaang + Sarnia Against Pipelines) which campaigns against Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline. To engage and educate others about the impact that pipelines have on Aamjiwnaang, the sisters co-organize an annual conference in the community. Last year, the highlight of the conference was a 'Toxic Tour' where people could see the severity of local pollution caused by the refineries.  Katie is also inspired by Naomi Klein, James Hansen, and Philippines climate negotiator Naderev “Yeb” Saño for his hunger strike at COP19.  


Administrative Coordinator - Caleb Woolcott, keeps track of behind-the-scenes things.  

Contact ac@toronto350.org

Caleb sits on the Executive Committee of Toronto350.org as Administrative Coordinator for the organization. Caleb is a High School student in Toronto. He finds his inspiration in the necessity of mitigating Climate Change for the future his generation and the generations after that. Caleb manages our email lists, supports our weekly meetings, runs the website, and does a slew of other activities to ensure our members can focus on activism.
Caleb's climate heros are those fighting the struggle on the front lines and standing up for their rights against fossil fuel companies. Particularly First Nations communities like Unist'ot'en and the land and water defenders at #noDAPL. 

Roger.pngCommunications Coordinator - Roger Boyd,  oversees communications to supporters.    

 Contact communications@toronto350.org


Roger sits on the executive committee as Communications Coordinator. The primary responsibility for the Communications Coordinator is to chair the Communications Hub. This means ensuring that there are enough people to get tasks done, and that the people volunteering in your hub feel supported. Beyond that, here are some tasks assigned to the hub:

  • Maintain the Toronto350.org social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Manage email blasts to our mailing list
  • Assist campaigns, as needed, on creating and publicizing events, creating press releases, blog posts, etc


Kalina.pngMedia and Creative Coordinator - Kalina Hada-Lemon, leads artistic efforts and media communication                

Contact media@toronto350.org

Kalina Hada-Lemon acts as the Media and Creative Coordinator for Toronto350, responsible for tasks ranging from writing press releases, or organizing art builds for upcoming events. 
Kalina has a background in theatre and performance, and a diploma in Acting for Film and Television. She has produced, directed, and stage managed various productions in the past, and currently operates her own company in Toronto, which makes her a great candidate for organizing FUNdraisers for Toronto350! 
Kalina has always been passionate about the Earth, and fighting the negative effects of climate change. She could be seen hugging trees before she could walk. She is grateful every single day for all the "regular people" who consistently stand up for the planet and do all they can to make our future a bright one.




Research Coordinator - Philip L, helps to develop and share materials relevant to campaigns and operations.

 He has interests in the natural sciences, and social philosophies and practice. 

We work together to build the world of the future, a world we would want to be more just, and have fun while doing it! He finds the work and ideas here challenging and exciting.

His more specific scientific interests are physics, climate science, biology, and mathematics.
He finds inspiration and energy in the struggles by the Indigenous nations in the western hemisphere , and movements for peace, justice, and the environment all around the world.

Contact research@toronto350.org



Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) Divestment Campaign Lead - Amelia Rose Khan,  

Contact ameliarose@toronto350.org

Amelia Rose is the OTPP Divestment Campaign Lead, which is trying to divest, one of the world's largest pension plans, of fossil fuel investments.  The main focus for Amelia Rose on the campaign is the commitment to climate justice which is rooted in working with communities on the frontlines of climate change.

Amelia Rose's passion for climate related work grew by working on solidarity campaigns and visiting the impact zones across Canada where people are living with the affects of climate change.


Pipelines Campaign Lead - Katie Krelove,

Contact katie@toronto350.org