A Just Recovery Doesn't Include Billions for Fighter Jets


To all Canadians,

Our government in Ottawa proposes to order 88 fighter jets at a cost of over $19 billion. This comes at a time when we are investing in a recovery from CoVID-19 and aiming to slow down the effects of climate breakdown. Therefore, only projects which sustain the health, safety, and well-being of people and the planet can be justified in these difficult times.



The fighter jet purchase is simply unjustifiable. In reference to the Harper Government's intention to purchase the Lockheed Martin F-35 (one of the planes under consideration in the current proposal), former Deputy Minister of Defense, Charles Nixon, wrote, "Canada does not need fighter aircraft. New Canadian fighters are not required to protect Canada's populace or sovereignty."

The advanced attack capabilities of the fighter jets under consideration are not meant to defend Canada; they are to be integrated with the military capability of the United States. With Canadian support, the U.S. has been continuously at war for nearly 20 years. The result has been massive death and destruction, and a more dangerous, insecure world.

Furthermore, fighter jets are environmentally devastating, and few of the manufacturing jobs will go to Canadians. Over their lifetime, the total cost is expected to be over $45 billion; however, that money, properly invested in a green and just recovery, could create good, clean jobs and a better future for Canadians.

Canada is home to many veterans, survivors, and refugees of war. All of us are touched by its horror, directly or indirectly. We cannot sanction the bombing of people and their homes in far-away countries. Instead of wasting precious Life, we need to build a better Canada, and a better world that cherishes and respects that Life.

Canada is not yet committed to buying these deadly machines, so what can we do? We can:

Together, we can stand up to the militarists and corporations who pursue profit through harm. Our communities could buzz with life-supporting work for all with innovative projects for the new era! This is the way forward, embraced by people and communities around the world. We can create good lives for all, now and into the future. We are on our way, but our country needs us all to keep pushing. Please join us by making your voice heard.


Representatives to Contact:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: [email protected]

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland: [email protected]

Minister of National Defense Hargit Sajjan: [email protected]

Minister of Environment & Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson: [email protected]


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