Our world is in crisis. Climate chaos, biodiversity loss and social injustice pose critical, interrelated threats. Yet, instead of leading the movement toward a just and habitable future, Canadian government, banks and industry continue to focus on fossil fuel development and resource extraction.

TO350 is a diverse group united by a common belief: enough is enough.

Together we bring an inspiring blend of skill, drive and heart to the cause. Collective support and grassroots power allow us to not only confront the crisis with urgency and courage, but to envision a better world.

If you’d like to help create system change that moves us rapidly away from harmful, extractive practises and toward a just transition, there are a few ways to get involved - subscribe to our mailing list, volunteer or come on out to a meeting. Join the movement!

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    Fossil Banks No Thanks: A Day of Action

    On January 29th, Climate Pledge Collective is running an event called Fossil Banks No Thanks along with For Our Kids to bring their demands to as many branches as possible.  TO350 encourages everyone to participate! We are planning to join in on January 29th with some of our own socially distanced actions. Stay tuned for more details, signs & shareables.  
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    A Letter by A Toronto350 Member

    Dear Premier Ford, Hoping to avoid any misunderstanding between us, I will use your vernacular and COVID terminology to discuss the climate crisis with you. I am hoping that by using a communication style you have created, my message will be clear to you. WE ARE IN THE RED ZONE!!!! 
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    Letter for A Strong Climate Accountability Act

    The government has taken an important step with the Climate Accountability Act, Bill-C12. However, the act needs to be stronger to support an effective climate plan and ensure that our country holds fast to its commitments, working to keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C.    The more people who contact Government Ministers and MPs and express an interest in a strengthened Climate Accountability Act the better! Here is a letter from Toronto350 members. Consider adapting it for your own letters to MP's or pulling points from it and writing letters to the editor (some how-tos at the end of this post). Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash
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    Action at All Levels

    Both the provincial and federal levels of government are failing to truly address the emergencies we face. While we have heard relatively progressive words at the federal level, in the Throne Speech and the recent Fall Economic Statement, actions do not support these words. They do not go far enough fast enough. They leave a gaping, industry-sized hole apparent across different legislation and in all current plans. In fact, Canada is still supporting fossil fuel in a major way. The country ranks worst of the OECD countries in the G20 Scorecard for ending funding for fossil fuels, and the Production Gap Report cites Canada as one of the leading providers of fossil fuel producer subsidies. A loan guarantee was even given to Keystone XL as part of the COVID recovery package!  
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