Our world is in crisis. Climate chaos, biodiversity loss and social injustice pose critical, interrelated threats. Yet, instead of leading the movement toward a just and habitable future, Canadian government, banks and industry continue to focus on fossil fuel development and resource extraction.

TO350 is a diverse group united by a common belief: enough is enough.

Together we bring an inspiring blend of skill, drive and heart to the cause. Collective support and grassroots power allow us to not only confront the crisis with urgency and courage, but to envision a better world.

If you’d like to help create system change that moves us rapidly away from harmful, extractive practises and toward a just transition, there are a few ways to get involved - subscribe to our mailing list, volunteer or come on out to a meeting. Join the movement!

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    Indigenous Rights Call-Out From West to East

    When the Truth and Reconciliation report was released in 2015, many saw it as a chance to finally acknowledge the past and move forward together in a harmonious relationship with the Indigenous peoples on whose land we live and work. Fast forward to five years later and while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten peoples’ health and disrupt their lives, industry is pushing ahead with projects that disregard Indigenous rights, including the right to Free, Informed and Prior Consent. From east coast to west coast, we continue to see racist harassment and violence directed against Indigenous people, often in the name of land and resource theft. Government is complicit in these ongoing acts of colonial violence whether they support industry outright or stand aside and do nothing. Both stances are an abdication of duty. They are the continuation of a genocidal Canadian protocol that puts profits above the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities, valuing industrial projects more than human rights.
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    Throne Speech Promises Broken Already

    Well, that was fast. On September 23rd, we heard the speech from the throne in which the Liberal government promised many things with many nice words. A lot of those promises centred on environmentalism and upholding Indigenous rights. Yet here we are, only a week later, and already it feels like we’ve been fed a bunch of lies yet again. photo: janrune-smenes-reite
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    Climate Action Week

    We're in the week of climate justice action let by Fridays for Future here in Toronto! You can find a compendium of events at climatechallenge.ca. On Tuesday September 22nd, a few activities mark the Fridays for Future pillar, Livable Futures for All.
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    Global Climate Action - September 25th! - A Just Recovery for All

    Friday’s For Future Toronto Global Climate Strike Organizers with Climate Strikes Canada (see the website here), are planning the next global climate action on September 25th!
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