Our world is in crisis. Climate chaos, biodiversity loss and social injustice pose critical, interrelated threats. Yet, instead of leading the movement toward a just and habitable future, Canadian government, banks and industry continue to focus on fossil fuel development and resource extraction.

TO350 is a diverse group united by a common belief: enough is enough.

Together we bring an inspiring blend of skill, drive and heart to the cause. Collective support and grassroots power allow us to not only confront the crisis with urgency and courage, but to envision a better world.

If you’d like to help create system change that moves us rapidly away from harmful, extractive practises and toward a just transition, there are a few ways to get involved - subscribe to our mailing list, volunteer or come on out to a meeting. Join the movement!

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    Backgrounder: fighting back against more fossil fuel power in Ontario

    Part 1: What are the trends pushing more natural gas fired generation in Ontario?Doug Ford’s government wants to expand gas-fired power generation in Ontario, at a time when much of the world is trying hard to wean itself off fossil fueled energy. Why?
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    We Need Each Other to End Fossil Fuels.

    Featuring the words of the speakers at the Toronto area “March to End Fossil Fuels.”
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    Interview: Gateway Bikehub

    For the Climate Justice Neighbourhood Mapping project. We interviewed Ed from Gateway Bikehub, a community project in Thorncliffe Park. Gateway Bikehub started as a solid waste diversion program, but evolved into a social hub where residents can learn how to fix, ride, and maintain bikes. This helps them get around the area in a climate-friendly way.
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    Ontario’s electricity is about to become a lot dirtier – what can we do to stop it?

    We don’t have much time left to reduce our emissions and halt the climate crisis. Thankfully, Ontario’s power sector has had a head start. In 2019, 92% of the electricity that came out of our province’s sockets came from zero-carbon sources. However, emissions from electricity have since been creeping up and are now threatening to grow dramatically if the Ford government pushes through its plans. (Photo by Siarhei Kuchuk from pexels.com)
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