is a leading organization in the Toronto area pushing for climate safety. The group is committed to using creative, non-violent means to build a global movement to stop the climate crisis. We currently meet regularly on Tuesdays. Please do not hesitate to join us to find out how you can contribute! We are totally volunteer-driven and growing all the time, so please get in touch to help us confront the great challenge of our time.


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    Protecting our Wild and Green Spaces

    I have a personal connection to the trees and fields. In the Niagara Peninsula, my family tended a wood lot and lands with very old trees on them. When we had to sell our property, the trees that lined the fields and roadside were illegally cut down, and the fine simply paid.
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    Open Letter from an Anti-Pipeline Protestor to a Pro-Pipeline Protestor

    Before Christmas, pro-pipeline protesters gathered in Alberta, worried about their jobs and their families. The week before, I was at a protest in Toronto opposing a pipeline in British Columbia, because I’m worried about the climate and my family (especially my 4-year-old child). Both pro and anti-pipeline protests have continued into 2019. Recently, the urgency of these protests seems to have slowed down a little bit -- perhaps because of a slight uptick in the price of oil on international markets, something that is actually pretty much beyond the control of the Canadian government.  
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