The group is committed to using creative non-violent means to build a global movement to stop the climate crisis. is the leading organization in the Toronto area pushing for climate safety. We currently meet regularly on Tuesdays, please do not hesitate to join us to find out how you can contribute! We are totally volunteer-driven and growing all the time, so please get in touch or Sign up to volunteer today! about how you can help confront the great challenge of our time. 



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    The Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline and the National Interest

    "How do you tell a politician is lying?  It easy, their lips are moving. Always a dead giveaway. Point is, fact check everything the Politicians, the media and I tell you.     In August, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that consultation with First Nations about the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline (TMX) was inadequate. They also ruled that the National Energy Board did not include an assessment of increased tanker traffic on endangered orca whales and marine life. Despite this setback, the federal government is committed to getting the pipeline built as quickly as possible. They insist that the project, despite the disastrous impacts it would have on the climate and environment, is in the National Interest, citing job creation and economic benefits. In fact, the pipeline doesn’t make economic sense either! To continue in Sean’s words….
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    Neighbours Deliver IPCC Climate Report to MPs

    On Wednesday the 24th, members of and other informed citizens dropped the UN’s new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report off at their MPs offices, along with a pledge to propose, champion and support climate action in line with the urgency called for by climate science.    While some MPs not in central Toronto, like my MP in York South-Weston, likely didn’t receive many visitors, some MPs were visited by several groups during the day! member, Cassie Norton, recounts her experience below.
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