is a leading organization in the Toronto area pushing for climate safety. The group is committed to using creative, non-violent and non-partisan means to build a global movement to stop the climate crisis. We currently meet regularly on Tuesdays. Please do not hesitate to join us to find out how you can contribute! We are totally volunteer-driven and growing all the time, so please get in touch to help us confront the great challenge of our time.


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    The Extractive Industries That Laid the Golden Eggs

    A Climate Justice Analogy by Tony Rapoport Photo from ZimArt Sculpture Garden
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    A Rising Movement - Global Climate Strike September 27th

    I can come up with a lot of words to describe Friday the 27th, the day of the Global Climate Strike, but like the grounds of Queens Park, they just aren’t big enough. They cannot contain all of the power, excitement and promise of the day. The official numbers from police are 15,000 for the rally and 20,000 for the march, but calculations from a Fridays for Future tweet, put the number closer to 80,000 and Greenpeace Canada estimates 50,000-100,000. The message of the day was broadcast loud and clear - we are in a climate emergency, our house is on fire and we need swift action from those in power, to douse the fast rising flames.
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