Our world is in crisis. Climate chaos, biodiversity loss and social injustice pose critical, interrelated threats. Yet, instead of leading the movement toward a just and habitable future, Canadian government, banks and industry continue to focus on fossil fuel development and resource extraction.

TO350 is a diverse group united by a common belief: enough is enough.

Together we bring an inspiring blend of skill, drive and heart to the cause. Collective support and grassroots power allow us to not only confront the crisis with urgency and courage, but to envision a better world.

If you’d like to help create system change that moves us rapidly away from harmful, extractive practises and toward a just transition, there are a few ways to get involved - subscribe to our mailing list, volunteer or come on out to a meeting. Join the movement!

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    Status for All Letter of Support

    In October, TO350 wrote a letter to Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Hon. Sean Fraser, in support of Migrant Rights Network's demands - permanent residence status for all. Subsequently, there were #Status for All! Without Delay actions at MP's offices. You can keep up-to-date and find out how to support ongoing at https://migrantrights.ca/.  See the letter below.  
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    A Poem and Visual Documentary on the State of Climate Change Impacts in the World

    Time for another poem by a Toronto350 attendee! Surveyor Efik is a member of Africa Climate Action Initiative and has created this video poem, Things Fall Apart.
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    Anxiety to Action! Join us for the Global Climate Strike September 23

    Youth lead on climate justice. Literally. This summer, Fridays for Future Toronto members (FFFTO) forgo outings with friends, days at the beach and countless other things, to coordinate the adults they’ve called to the organizing table. They are anxious about the climate crisis and determined to do something about it!
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    Morning Storm

    As the devastating impacts of climate change mount, as we continue our climate justice work and amid the general, cumulative climate anxiety, it's time for another poem. This is the second instalment in T0350's creative series.  "Morning Storm," a poem by Colleen Lynch, is about some of the feelings connected with our relationship to the environment and our awareness of environmental crisis.
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