Elizabeth May Petition to Oppose Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMX)

At the rally on September 8th, the speakers mentioned follow-up actions that we can take to discourage further fossil fuel development and make way for a swift transition to renewables. One helpful action is signing the petition Elizabeth May has put forward to be read in the House of Commons. The more signatures the better! Please see the information below and pass it on to your friends and family.
Petition E-1722 is sponsored by Elizabeth May. Its purpose is to “call upon the Government of Canada to immediately halt any plans to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline or otherwise support its expansion.” 
The petition cites many reasons to oppose the TMX. Among them, that the amount of public funds required to purchase and build the pipeline will climb to over $11 billion and that there are still 157 conditions the pipeline must meet before it can be built. 
Also mentioned is the fact that shipping out diluted bitumen threatens 800 waterways, sends jobs offshore, violates Indigenous rights and would "lock in oil-sands production growth that cannot be reconciled with Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments.” 
The federal court of appeals ruling on August 30th, upheld the fact that there was inadequate consultation with First Nations and that the environmental assessment failed to consider the impact of tanker traffic on endangered orcas. Let’s keep up the pressure to abandon the TMX!
Elizabeth May’s staff shared with us that their "goal is to acquire 25 000 signatures by the deadline of September 28. That way we can show the government that thousands of Canadians across the country do not find Trans Mountain to be in the national interest.”  
The petition now has over 15000 signatures and will be read in the House of Commons after it closes on September 28th, 2018. 
Click on the following link to sign, Petition E-1722