Fossil Banks No Thanks: A Day of Action

On January 29th, Climate Pledge Collective is running an event called Fossil Banks No Thanks along with For Our Kids to bring their demands to as many branches as possible. 

TO350 encourages everyone to participate! We are planning to join in on January 29th with some of our own socially distanced actions. Stay tuned for more details, signs & shareables.


The banks are an important target! As Matt explains in Climate Pledge Collective's action call-out, "since the Paris Accord the Big 5 CDN banks have pumped nearly $500 BILLION (USD) into fossil fuel companies, undermining all of our hard work. Our BankSwitch Campaign asks Canadians to contact their branch manager and let them know they will be taking their money elsewhere in April 2021. The Fossil Banks No Thanks Day of Action is designed to spread the word about our banks’ complicity in the climate crisis to a wider audience."


In order to spread widely and remain covid-safe, Fossil Banks No Thanks is a choose-your-own adventure protest.

Climate Pledge Collective asks that you:

  1. Pick a branch.
  2. Deliver a message about fossil fuel lending and investment.
  3. Share your action on social media using the #bankswitch, #fossilbanksnothanks and #fireyourfossilbank hashtags. You can also message the For Our Kids, Toronto350 and Climate Pledge Collective accounts so we can reshare your posts!

The exact action is up to you. Just be sure to follow public health guidelines!

Some suggestions:

  • deliver a letter
  • picket outside a branch
  • send an email or make a phone call
  • slap up posters on utility poles near the branch
  • review the branches on google maps, highlighting their fossil investments and loans
  • use and share the graphics and posters that are in the works

You can RSVP for the umbrella event on facebook and get updates. If you email (matt[at] with your event location, they can let you know if others are planning to be there too.

For messaging ideas, facts and figures, mostly taken from Banking On Climate Change Report put out by BankTrack and Rainforest Action Network, take a look at the BankSwitch campaign.

Slogan ideas: #FossilBanksNoThanks; Be the Heroes Our Kids Need; Finance Climate Solutions not Carbon Bombs

As Matt reminds us, "please remember that tellers and customer service reps don’t set fossil fuel financing policies and they aren’t our enemies. In fact, they’re frontline workers who have been putting their health at risk to keep branches functioning during the pandemic – so be nice to them! This action is intended to encourage both employees and clients to become climate champions and help us change their bank." Be straight with bank employees. Acknowledge that they don't sell fossil fuel policies, but remind them that they have more influence than we do and we need their help!

Note: If you’re busy on January 29th, you can always sign up for BankSwitch and send an email or make a call on your own schedule.