Global Climate Action - September 25th! - A Just Recovery for All

Friday’s For Future Toronto Global Climate Strike Organizers with Climate Strikes Canada (see the website here), are planning the next global climate action on September 25th!

Fridays For Future Toronto organizers recognize that the climate crisis is not only an environmental crisis but a social justice crisis too. At this critical juncture, with government formulating COVID-19 recovery plans, we must come together to ensure it is a Just Recovery for All, one that puts peoples' health and wellbeing first! 


Join in at the next Global Climate Action to do just that! Facebook event page here.

When: September 25th, noon-3pm

What: social distanced sit-in with COVID-19 precautions (online alternative for those who can not attend)

Where: along Wellesley and Bay

***Masks are mandatory, personal protective equipment/hand sanitizer will be provided at the action by trained marshals 


Fridays for Future Toronto's intersectional pillars include:

  • Indigenous Self-Determination
  • Just Transition
  • Defending Land, Water and Life
  • Livable Futures for All
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Uplifting and Amplifying Marginalized Communities

(see the detailed version of the pillars here).


If you'd like to help out....