Member Survey

Toronto350 is always open to new members. Toronto350 does indeed have an official membership, which is required if you wish to vote in our elections and major proposals that are put to the group. However, you don't need to be a member in order to give your input, comments, and to participate in the smaller decisions in the group. Becoming a voting member of Toronto350 is really easy. Here's our membership requirements*:

  1. Attend at least two planning meetings or campaign meetings within the past year**, and
  2. Complete the membership survey (below).

That's it! We don't charge fees, and we don't require a certain level of commitment. 

*Board members are automatically considered to be members.
**If you're otherwise involved in Toronto350 but unable to attend meetings, a campaign manager and member of the executive can vouch for you and waive this requirement.

Please complete this survey only after attending at least two meetings (unless you expect to receive an exemption).

Please allow yourself time to fill out this survey as it is much longer than the 2 question survey we had last year.

What was your call to action to work on climate change issues?

*To receive notification about electoral meetings, you must be subscribed to the internal "Members List". Please email volunteer [at] to confirm you are on this list—you cannot subscribe on the website.