Ode to Our Collective Courage

Long haul work in the climate crisis
In groups that struggle together
Aware of our undercurrents of emotion
That we feel both collectively, and individually

We glance at each other and know
This isn’t easy for each of our hearts
Collectively, we stare at a heartless sea
Individually, we each struggle with our own integral branch of our struggling tree

We ask each other, “How are you doing?”
While the raging storm of climate insanity
Threatens to blow us off our feet
We ask ourselves, “How are we doing?”

All the while, deep down, our gentle hearts long for gentler things
Like the joy of life, the nuance of love
So paradoxically our struggle is to hold dear that precious core
where struggle gives way to nurture

In the storm of a heartless world
We struggle to shape a world of caring
Refashioning our only home
Despite the raging winds of denial

We need change and change fast
But the recipe needs to slow cook
Deep is the root of the problem
And deep is the root of the solution

Against a backdrop of the prospect of failure
we struggle to focus
to save all that is held precious
deep in our hearts

We know that this could be the Final Act
In the theatre of human history
Or it could be a pivotal chapter for the better.
The Pressure is unrelenting, and threatens our mental health

In this pivotal moment
We’re honored to be the key players
Yet our fears rage within us
Along with anger and all the rest

We push the giant rock of denial
Of those who are stuck in their way of thinking
Of those who can’t see the urgency
We push to dislodge the giant rock together

People stubbornly cling to familiar habit and tradition
yet they can be dislodged by love
So what happens when an immovable object
Meets an unstoppable force?

We’re in that experiment right now
Simultaneously excruciating

It’s too big a rock to handle alone
So we call out to each other as we push it together
In a dark fog where success is not certain
Steering by the stars

We’re trying to simultaneously shape survival
 And also a new sustainable way of life
We’re trying to shape our own individual right actions
In this epoch of angst

In doing so,
we recognize
what we’re really doing
is trying to shape our collective courage