rallies community members in block parties to oppose Energy East pipeline

Toronto350 members gather for a group photo with balloons and giant orange x symbolizing divestment from fossil fuels. Toronto, Ontario – Sunday April 12th and Monday April 13th 2015 – This afternoon from 2-4pm climate action organization hosted a Block Energy East block party outside MP Adam Vaughan’s office. This event happened on the heels of the April 11th Act on Climate Rally in Quebec City and it is not over yet! Another block party is scheduled to occur tomorrow outside MP Chrystia Freeland’s office at 1027 Young Street from 4-6pm. 

Two children play with balloon in the shape of the number three from \Drummers at block hopes that the demonstration of concern from Toronto citizens will encourage local MPs to oppose Trans Canada’s proposed Energy East pipeline.

 “The Energy East pipeline is incompatible with effective national action on climate change,” says Lila Asher, a student in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Toronto. “This pipeline will facilitate substantial expansion of the tar sands, contributing to huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions.”

 At today’s event, local community members filled the sidewalk outside MP Vaughan’s office, demanding that he help make Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party promise to require that the National Energy Board consider climate impacts in its pipeline assessment. members and citizens alike hope to continue to pressure MPs to take a stand against this pipeline at tomorrow’s event outside MP Freeland’s office.

 “To be honest, the Liberal Party’s current position doesn’t make sense,” said Tresanne Fernandes, the Administrative Coordinator at “You can’t promise to combat climate change while simultaneously supporting new emission-increasing infrastructure.”

 “People in Quebec overwhelmingly oppose Energy East,” says Ben Donato-Woodger, Outreach Coordinator for “The Liberals will lose seats in Quebec if they keep supporting the construction of this pipeline.”

Tomorrow’s block party will feature a large model of a tar sands pipeline, the giant orange X symbolizing the Fossil Fuel Divestment movement, along with music, free food, and family friendly crafts. 


Photo credit: Ben Donato-Woodger


Amanda Harvey-Sanchez, [email protected]