Statement of Solidarity Against Racist Police Violence

We at Toronto350 are appalled but not surprised by this latest upsurge in Racist police violence against Black People.

We strongly condemn the actions of Police forces across Turtle Island, with particular emphasis on the lynching of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department. In Toronto we have seen that we are in no way immune from these Racist Police actions. The death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet is horrifying and alarming. She, her family and community deserve better than a cursory investigation by the SIU. They deserve justice. The police can not be left to police themselves.

We are, however, heartened by the mass solidarity action that took place at Christie Pits park on Saturday May 30th.

We live in a society where, through our governments actions, we are committed to promoting harm whether it is through our obscene subsidization of fossil fuels or our bloated municipal police budgets. We need to fundamentally reorient so that we can build a life sustaining culture, rather than continue with this culture of extinction.

With our greatest respect and solidarity,