Status for All Letter of Support

In October, TO350 wrote a letter to Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Hon. Sean Fraser, in support of Migrant Rights Network's demands - permanent residence status for all. 

Subsequently, there were #Status for All! Without Delay actions at MP's offices.

You can keep up-to-date and find out how to support ongoing at

See the letter below.


Climate Justice means Permanent Residence for All

Toronto350, a high profile grassroots climate group in Toronto, with a mailing list in the thousands and a similar social media reach, supports regularization and status for all.

Our group applauds the federal government’s mandate to create a regularization program for undocumented migrants and the parliamentary motion asking for a plan to give permanent residency to workers of any skill-level, including low-waged workers.

We urge you to take this opportunity to make the regularization program and plan inclusive of all, extending permanent residence to the 1.7 million migrants here in the country, including the 500,000 who are undocumented.

We support the migrant rights’ network’s key demand: “immediate implementation of a regularizaton programme granting permanent resident status to all undocumented people without exception; in addition, permanent residence for all migrants, particularly those in low-waged jobs.” We also fully endorse the set of principles created by the Migrant Rights Network to guide the development of a regularization program (please find them in full here).

The Trudeau government has made some inroads of late, in the fight for equality and against racism as well as in combating climate change. Of note, is Hon. Trudeau’s mandate letter asking the Hon. Fraser to create a regularization program and declare that “we must continue to address the profound systemic inequities and disparities that remain present in the core fabric of our society.”

Yet, a partial, small and exclusionary program that will give rights to a few and deny them to most does not go far enough to truly provide justice for migrant workers, immigrants and refugees. It is still partial and exclusionary. We ask that you right this historic injustice by granting full and permanent status for all.

Toronto350 recognizes that Canada is a high emitter who has benefitted from fossil fuels at the expense of those around the globe who are bearing the full brunt of climate chaos. In fact, Canada has accumulated a huge debt to poorer countries. Granting migrant rights to those seeking to live here because of climate displacement - for work, safety, food security and other reasons - is a moral obligation as well as a way to address the root causes of the climate crisis - growing inequality and exploitation of people and the planet.

Migrants will continue to come to Canada, bringing their knowledge with them, including climate solutions and strategies for adaptation. They are working and will continue to work in essential, low-carbon and care-based industries, like nursing, domestic and farm labour, which currently represent some of the most insecure and exploitative jobs. In order to implement a just transition and avert even worse climate disasters, our society must change! These changes include ensuring regularization and status for everyone currently excluded by immigration laws and making sure good, green jobs are available for everyone.

Sincerely, Toronto350