Strengthen Bill C-12 - Here's how, Act now and Thrive

Three simple steps can make all the difference. 

While the federal government’s Climate Accountability Act, Bill C-12, is a step forward, it leaves much to be desired. There are critical gaps in this proposed legislation(1) that must be addressed if Canada has any hope of fulfilling its climate commitments and doing its part to avoid climate catastrophe.

But there’s hope - the bill has not been passed, and can still be amended. We must put as much public and media pressure as possible on the key decision-makers, demanding that they make reasonable changes to strengthen the bill into one that will actually deliver. 

We are asking you to help make this happen by doing three simple things.

  1. SEND AN EMAIL to select members of the Standing Committee on Environment & Sustainable Development (who will help to decide if further changes to the bill are warranted). Copy the Prime Minister and his office, the Minister of the Environment & Climate Change and his office, and members of the media who support climate advocacy and can help to amplify our voices. 

  2. SEND AN EMAIL to your local Member of Parliament asking them to relay your concerns to the government and requesting a response back from them. 
    Your email could be especially impactful if you live in one of the Standing Committee member’s ridings! 

    To make things easier, we've prepared a CONTACT LIST & LETTER TEMPLATE as a guide.

  3. SHARE THIS LETTER with as many people as possible, and ask them to take the same steps. Click here for a copy of the action, contact list & letter template all in one. 

If you plan to act, you must act quickly, as the bill could soon be finalized. If enough of us speak up now and demand these changes, it will create a voice too loud for the government to ignore! 

(1) For more insight into these critical gaps, we recommend reading the Climate Action Network Canada’s  “High-Level Recommendations for Bill C-12, the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act” and watching Ken Love’s video analysis, “Bill C-12: Flaws and Suggested Amendments.

In Solidarity, Toronto 350