Toronto Rise for Climate Action

The climate is heating up and so are we!

We won’t stand by while our federal and provincial governments are actively destroying our chances to create a livable world. 

For all of us.
For our children!

On September 8th, join us at the Toronto Rise for Climate action!  Rally with us, in solidarity with thousands of people worldwide, to speak out for climate, jobs and justice. Together, we can challenge our dependence on oil and gas. We can demand a swift transition to a sustainable economy with green jobs that support it.   

All are welcome, so bring your friends and family!

Time: Noon 
Date: Saturday, September 8, 2018
Place: Rally In front of 361 University Avenue just south of Armory Street.
           March to follow up to Queen's Park
End time: about 2:00 pm

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Trudeau wants Canadians to pay for pipelines and tar sands oil which he says are “in the national interest”. But as we know, from sea to shining sea, vast forests are going up in smoke. Nunavut is melting. Shorelines and rivers are flooding.

On top of this Ottawa is actively betraying the trust of First Nations across Canada on whose land we have settled, grown and prospered. We must acknowledge and honour our huge debt to them by not destroying the land and waters we now share.

Ford in Queen’s Park is dismantling hard-won environmental protections and carbon controls - the exact opposite of rational actions and science-based policies we need to support a green economy. How will we be able to prepare our city to afford a livable future with our own government fighting us?

Let our politicians know that we will not stop until they take serious and sensible action. 

September the 8th is only our beginning!