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Canada’s environmental review process no longer works. Harper’s omnibus budget bills have changed laws so that climate is no longer considered part of the environment. This means the National Energy Board will ignore how more tar sands pipelines mean more tar sands extraction and more climate change. It’s time for an intervention.

In February 2015, people across the country will be holding application parties to take part in the People’s Climate Intervention. We’re going to clog the regulatory process, demanding they take climate seriously and demand that they put climate at the top of the agenda.

To have maximum impact, we need your help. It’s time to step up and pledge action. Stopping Energy East is the most urgent campaign we've got going right now, and it's a great way to get involved. (Or click here for other ways to volunteer)

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(Still not convinced? Want more info? See our blog post: Five Reasons Why You Should Host (or Attend) an Energy East Application Party)

I’m gonna do something serious (and fun) about climate change!