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Do you support a carbon price and if so how?

Ms. James’ campaign has been contact by phone or email three times, and they have not responded to any of our questions.

Provincial and territorial governments will have the flexibility to design their own policies to meet these commitments, including their own carbon pricing policies. We will provide targeted federal funding to help achieve these goals in the same way the federal government supports health care in Canada.

Yes. New Democrats will: Work with provinces and territories to put a price on carbon and reduce emissions;

◦    Prepare a pan-Canadian cap-and-trade system, which will establish hard emissions limits for Canada’s biggest polluters to ensure companies pay their environmental bills and to create an incentive for reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

◦    Ensure that provincial and territorial governments can opt out of the federal plan if they have carbon pricing plans that meet or exceed federal goals;

◦    Help provinces and territories co-ordinate efforts and integrate within a harmonized pan-Canadian system;

Advance an integrated continental cap-and-trade system that ensures a level economic playing field for North American businesses

Fossil fuel infrastructure affects the health and land rights of indigenous people. How should Canada respect indigenous peoples' rights?


We will, in full partnership and consultation with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples, undertake a full review of regulatory law, policies, and operational practices. This will ensure that the Crown is fully executing its consultation, accommodation, and consent obligations on project reviews and assessments, in accordance with its constitutional and international human rights obligations. These include Aboriginal and Treaty rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The federal government has gutted the environmental assessment process in Canada. Although the Harper government refuses to acknowledge that the Crown has a duty to consult first nations, it has removed itself from the assessment process, and downloaded the duty to the provinces. In fact, in December 2014, the Federal Court ruled that Canada owed a duty to consult to Mikisew Cree First Nation when it introduced the two omnibus budget bills that gutted environmental assessment, fisheries protection, and right to navigation, affecting the Mikisew’s ability to protect its Treaty rights. It is clear that projects cannot proceed without due consultation, and should receive the consent of affected first nations to proceed.

How would you support building clean transit and energy infrastructure?


A Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau will also make crucial new investments in green infrastructure to grow our economy, strengthen our communities, and improve our quality of life. We will fulfill Canada’s G-20 commitment to phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. The savings will be redirected to investments in new and clean technologies.

New Democrats will invest in the Green Municipal Fund through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to support sustainable development pilot projects, including energy efficiency, energy recovery, and transition to cleaner fuel for municipal transit ($150 million over 4 years). And we will improve energy security and reduce pollution in over 25 northern and remote communities by investing in small-scale hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass and solar to reduce dependence on diesel flown in at great expense.

Climate change is making millions of people leave their homes, what should Canada's role be in upholding their safety?


Ms. Zahid’s campaign chose not to answer this question.

An NDP government will do its fair share to support the Green Climate Fund when negotiations on its structure are finalized. We will support adaptation and mitigation efforts, and a transition to clean energy for those suffering the worst impacts of climate change.  

In a reformed environmental review, do you think the life cycle emissions of new fossil fuel projects should be included?


Ms. Zahid’s campaign chose not to answer this question.

We will ensure that reviews are meaningful and account for a project’s impact on our climate, and that it will not conflict with our new international obligation to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. We will also end the Conservatives’ arbitrary limits on public participation in decision making, which is one of the most important aspects of environmental assessment. We will increase the protection of communities and our environment by implementing strengthened safety standards. The federal government must also honour its legal duty to consult and accommodate First Nations.