Why to sustain us

At Toronto350 (your local non-profit environmental advocacy group), we recognize that it can be a challenge to commit to monthly donations—but there are many benefits to choosing to get behind this important work in a way that helps to sustain our many active campaigns.

  • Fundraising takes a lot of time and energy—energy that would be better spent creating a better climate future. If you donate monthly, we won't need to keep wasting our energy by asking for more money (and you won't continue to see fundraising emails)
  • We’d prefer to get a portion of what you’d donate at one time spread out over several months so that we can plan ahead, and as Naomi Klein said, creating a better climate future is gonna take a lot of planning (paraphrased)
  • People spend more on different types of insurance every month than they are ever likely to need to draw upon. But climate change is already wreaking havoc on people around the globe and it’s impacts are sure to be felt in a significant way right where you are in the very near future. So why not give monthly to ensure what matters most? We promise, you’re likely to feel much better about donating to avert disaster than to hope that you can handle the deductible when it comes.

So please reconsider supporting us through a monthly donation with PayPal.  If you prefer to not use Paypal, here is another way to give a monthly donation.

If you can’t commit to monthly support you can still give a one-time donation here.

We are grateful for anything you can contribute, and we understand that it's sometimes hard to plan ahead. Everything helps, and we thank you for sharing in our mission.