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People across the country are working together to build a vision for Canada based on climate justice -  one that will respect Indigenous rights and create good and lasting jobs for all.

We need your support to make this year the year of international action for climate change. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the future in which you want to live!


Climate change is already wreaking havoc around the globe, and its impacts will be making their way to our doorstep before we know it. People spend more on monthly insurance than they’re ever likely to draw upon, so why not give monthly to insure what matters most? We promise you’ll be happier averting disaster than handling the deductible after it hits.

Please consider helping to sustain Toronto350 by signing up as a monthly donor. Help us create a future with vision, and receive some awesome Thank-You gifts from the list below:

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  • Lunch with the President! is a small grassroots organization with a vision for inter-sectional climate justice. Our budget is made possible by support from members of the public just like you!

The money you donate provides us with the means to hire skilled organizers for campaigns and events and provide workshops for new organizers! It will also help us to pay for various events, actions, workshops, and support for front-line communities in the movement for a just, sustainable future.

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