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I remember the first time really noticing a difference in air quality. After walking around downtown Toronto all afternoon amidst the tall buildings, hot concrete, and thick exhaust fumes, I turned into Trinity Bellwoods park and inhaled a pleasant gulp of fresh, cool summer air. I thanked the trees for the shade and oxygen so I could breathe.

It made me think of how much the air quality has deteriorated, how people's fatigue could be related to a direct lack of available oxygen, how concrete absorbs and traps heat, how it wouldn't be so stifling hot if all the air conditioners weren't blowing hot air outside, how we try to control the temperature instead of adapting to seasons...

Needless to say, my brain went on a bit of a rant. And it tends to do this a lot. One thought leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, leads to total panic about possible environmental catastrophe! But since joining Toronto350 and being welcomed onto a team of amazingly motivated advocates for climate justice, I have found a way to put all my thoughts into action.

Actually being able to help facilitate large-scale direct actions, coupled with long-term organizational strategy and volunteer recruitment has been one of the most empowering opportunities. Toronto350 has opened me up to a world full of people who are passionate about fighting climate change and advocating for a just transition to renewable energy, and has given me the resources to be able to make a difference. 

Every day I learn more about the environment, politics, countries, culture, and people, and am inspired by the global effort to fight repression and have the voices of the People be heard. Whether you want to listen to the countless studies, reports, and reviews of dedicated scientists, or the First Nations with over 15,000 years of first-hand knowledge interacting with Earth, the conclusion is the same: our Mother is hurting, and she needs our help.

This April, Toronto350 is launching the Climate Defenders Monthly Giving Program which means for every new monthly donor who signs up between now and the 30th, $20 will be added to our cause by a generous supporter! Please consider contributing to the grassroots movement pushing for an equitable, sustainable future.


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