Toward a Just and Green Recovery - Build Back Decolonized

The rate of COVID-19 on First Nations reserves is 40 per cent higher than in the general Canadian population[1]. Indigenous people living in urban areas have been similarly hard-hit. The crisis represents another in a long series of failures of the Canadian state to achieve justice and reconciliation with first peoples. For an effective recovery, Canada must renew its commitment to upholding Indigenous sovereignty, laws, values, customs and traditions by investing in Indigenous communities. Collaboration and partnership will be required to develop and enact solutions that adequately address the needs of Indigenous communities.

Here is a version of our budget submission part 4 of 7, with some simple calls to action that you can take added in.

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Toward a Just and Green Recovery - Decarbonization, Energy Transition

Decarbonizing Canada is a critical step to ensure a climate-safe and resilient future. An effective National Decarbonization Strategy can help us build back better, creating inclusive, green communities and quality green jobs (e.g. jobs in renewable energy). This strategy must include equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities, investing in renewable energy projects on Indigenous homelands and continuing to expand Indigenous ownership.

Here is a version of our budget submission part 3 of 7, with some simple calls to action that you can take added in.


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Toward a Just and Green Recovery - Energy, Retrofits, Transportation

To make the shift to a low-carbon future, we need an energy transformation! The second installment from TO350's budget submission deals with a shift to clean energy, active and Zero Emission Vehicle transportation and retrofits. We've added in some quick action call-outs for each section. Stay tuned for part 3!

See [1] [2] and [3]

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Toward a Just and Green Recovery - Prioritizing Workers and Communities

COVID-19 has shown us that people’s health and wellbeing must be prioritized. It has highlighted the need for strong social infrastructure and a resilient, sustainable economy that supports a livable future in the midst of ongoing and coming crises. To achieve this livable future, a low-carbon economy that ensures worker’s rights and the good of communities is a must.  

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TO350 Deputation to Toronto's Budget Committee

Now's the time to make your voice heard as Toronto City Council finalizes the budget for 2021 in the context of COVID recovery. Let them know we must #BuildBackBetter! Call or email your city councillor. You can find their contact information here. You could also weigh in in support of the motion brought forward by Jennifer McKelvie and Mike Layton to call for the swift phase-out of gas-fired electricity in Ontario. For Toronto to meet net-zero by 2050 goals, we need this phase out!

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Addressing the Climate Emergency

TO350 member Natasha Bartels and her father, Dennis Bartels, were among the first to start talking about and researching the concept of a war level effort applied to climate change, including taxing the ultra-rich. They were quoted in an article by Sarah Berman in Vice, a way back now, in November 2019 called "We Need to Tax the Super-Rich to Save the World." It is just as pertinent, if not more so now, to consider tackling climate change as a war-level threat, as we enter 2021 with the knowledge that 2020 tied for the hottest year on record. To quote the article....

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Strengthen Bill C-12 - Here's how, Act now and Thrive

Three simple steps can make all the difference. 

While the federal government’s Climate Accountability Act, Bill C-12, is a step forward, it leaves much to be desired. There are critical gaps in this proposed legislation(1) that must be addressed if Canada has any hope of fulfilling its climate commitments and doing its part to avoid climate catastrophe.

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Fossil Banks No Thanks: A Day of Action

On January 29th, Climate Pledge Collective is running an event called Fossil Banks No Thanks along with For Our Kids to bring their demands to as many branches as possible. 

TO350 encourages everyone to participate! We are planning to join in on January 29th with some of our own socially distanced actions. Stay tuned for more details, signs & shareables.


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A Letter by A Toronto350 Member

Dear Premier Ford,

Hoping to avoid any misunderstanding between us, I will use your vernacular and COVID terminology to discuss the climate crisis with you. I am hoping that by using a communication style you have created, my message will be clear to you.


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Letter for A Strong Climate Accountability Act

The government has taken an important step with the Climate Accountability Act, Bill-C12. However, the act needs to be stronger to support an effective climate plan and ensure that our country holds fast to its commitments, working to keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C. 
The more people who contact Government Ministers and MPs and express an interest in a strengthened Climate Accountability Act the better! Here is a letter from Toronto350 members. Consider adapting it for your own letters to MP's or pulling points from it and writing letters to the editor (some how-tos at the end of this post).

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