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Brandon the Resistor!

You might know me as a philosopher and course director at York University but, I have also been an organizer for environmental and social justice in a number of grassroots groups in Toronto for several years. I am currently serving in my second elected term on the board of the not-for-profit environmental justice organization Toronto350 (now as chair).


The organizers and activists that make up Toronto350 are an impassioned and diverse group of hard working, caring, and bright people. We share a common recognition that anthropogenic climate change is already beginning to wreak havoc on the health of the land and all that live upon it.

Time and again, governments have failed to implement the necessary measures to protect future generations and industry is knowingly and recklessly leading us all off the cliff. We need to collectively rise up and resist if we want to leave a better world for future generations.

This month, Toronto350 is engaging in a fundraising campaign and we have donors willing to match your contributions.

We may not all be able to be as actively engaged in the resistance as we wish but we can all do something to contribute to the cause. Please consider making a financial contribution to supporting this important work!


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Andre (Drei) Roy

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Your donation will be used for creating art, making campaign material, printing, training, rent, snacks, and other things that we need to continue the struggle for climate justice. Donations are not refundable, although you can get in touch with us if you have a problem—we're all human beings. :-)

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