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Robin the Connector!

I read once that humans are attracted to large open spaces, like oceans or valleys or deserts, because it makes us feel small. Not small in a bad way. Small in a way that makes us feel like we are a part of a larger world, not just stuck within the world of our own heads.


I get overwhelmed very easily. And when it comes to climate change, the greatest threat to humanity and our planet, I often get REALLY overwhelmed and again, feel small. But just like the feeling of standing next to large natural spaces, this feeling isn't bad when you understand that you can be a part of something greater. Solutions come in the form of movements. And the environmental movement is a global force, tackling an issue that literally effects everybody. Toronto350.org is a piece of that movement fighting for local justice. And as individuals we can be a piece of this. We can be connected to our neighbours, connected to people all over the world, connected to our planet. This is not overwhelming, this is exciting!

We are gathering together to make a big change within our city and have accomplished so much already! Join with us to help continue this movement forwards by coming out to our events and donating to our cause. This month, Toronto350 is engaging in a fundraising campaign and we have donors willing to match your contributions.

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Eva Foster
Kate Allan
Kale Cooper
Maria Lefebvre
Dustin Jacobson
Sayan Sivanesan
Rachael Lefebvre

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Your donation will be used for creating art, making campaign material, printing, training, rent, snacks, and other things that we need to continue the struggle for climate justice. Donations are not refundable, although you can get in touch with us if you have a problem—we're all human beings. :-)

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