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Climate change is a huge, scary topic. Our future, the future of our children, and their children, and their children's children is at stake. There are millions of people already suffering from the first few signs of a warmer world. To imagine what is likely to happen can terrify anyone into inaction.

It did for me.

What could I do to make a difference? Then I found Toronto350. A group that has taught me that every action counts. Every minute we give, every dollar we donate helps combat climate change and its disastrous effects.

Tali_Chernin_02.jpg At Toronto350, we focus on what we can do within the City, but we have a global view. We lobby government officials located in Toronto against the construction of pipelines, we campaign for major Canadian institutions based in Toronto to divest from fossil fuels,  and we support front line communities around the GTA and beyond for their heroic efforts to protect this beautiful blue dot we call home.

So if you have been active, but wish to do more, or if you've never done anything at all, now is the time. We will hit critical levels of warming within the next five years and it has never been more urgent to act. Give generously, and if you can, join our efforts! We can always use a new friend in the fight for our future. 

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Your donation will be used for creating art, making campaign material, printing, training, rent, snacks, and other things that we need to continue the struggle for climate justice. Donations are not refundable, although you can get in touch with us if you have a problem—we're all human beings. :-)

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